Load Development Options


Whether you’re hunting big game or shooting steel at the range, we know you want to get the greatest accuracy possible out of your rifle.

That’s why at Copper Creek we can help you develop a load custom to your gun in TWO ways:

Load Development Packs

Custom Load Development on-site, right here at our facility.

[title_subtitle title=”Stage 1 Load Development Packs” title_size=”50″ subtitle=”Stage 1 packs are the starting point to supreme accuracy. Simply let us know what projectile you’d like to develop a load for and we will send you 25 rounds of incrementally charged loads. 5 Rounds each of 5 different loads to be exact, all with the same projectile. Head out to your local range with your new ammunition and shoot 5 groups at your desired distance, the farther the better! Whichever group gives the best results is exactly what your rifle needs. Then you can sit back and relax while we load ammunition tailored to your rifle. If your satisfied with your ammunition great!! Once you’ve purchased a minimum of 100 rounds the load data will be provided to you on request.” subtitle_size=”18″][products_by_category_mixed title=”Load Development Pack Stage One” per_page=”30″ orderby=”title” order=”asc” category=”stage-one”]

Don’t see the load pack caliber you need, just use the custom load pack below!

[title_subtitle title=”Stage 2 Load Development Packs” title_size=”50″ subtitle=”Stage 2 packs are available for customers who have already purchased and completed Stage 1 Packs. Stage 2 packs will include 25 incrementally seated bullet to different depths for the load that worked best in Stage 1. Shoot these rounds in 5 shot groups and be amazed at just how small your groups can get! It’s helpful, but not necessary, for us to know the the length of your rifles chamber, the easiest way to do this is with a Hornady O.A.L. Gauge. ” subtitle_size=”18″][products_by_category_mixed title=”Load Development Packs Stage Two” per_page=”30″ orderby=”title” order=”asc” category=”stage-two”]

One of the best ways to achieve accuracy in your rifle is to load it with ammunition developed especially for your rifle.

With our Custom Load Development program you can have just that. We’ll start with a quick chat about what you hope to achieve with your rifle and help you select the perfect projectile or projectiles for your application. From there you’ll send in your rifle to our facilities. We will take extreme care in storing and protecting your rifle while it is in our hands. Once the development process begins we will start by cleaning your rifle and chamber. From there we will begin the process of measuring your chamber specs to ensure proper length of your cartridge. Once we have chamber measurement’s we will start to load ammo and shoot your rifle to find the best load with the projectile of your choice!

We guarantee 1 MOA of accuracy or better at 100 yards.

You will receive the following materials with your rifle upon return.

Test Targets

Velocity Reports from chronograph readings

Ballistic Drop Charts

Prices start at $500 for standard calibers, Magnums start at $600. There is an upcharge of $200 if your rifle has a carbon fiber barrel.

We are happy to perform a barrel break in for you at the same time your rifle is here, services start at $300.

This service is intended for Custom Rifles, However please contact us if your interested in having a factory rifle load developed.

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